Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We have been working hard in math on understanding finanaces. Today you will be able to put your skills to the test!! Follow the link below and choose one or more challenges.

Have fun!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Shall we play a game?

How about a math game!
We are going to explore math games on the internet. There are so many math games on the internet that we need to decide which games are the best games to help students learn math concepts.

Your job is to decide how good the math game is by thinking of it as a teacher, parent, or student.

You will be placed in groups of three.
1. One of you will take the role of teacher, looking for the math in the game, how hard
or easy the game is, and if the game should be used by students.
2 .Another will take the role of a parent who evaluates if students can learn using the
computer and is questioning the school "why not just use a book?"
3.The final role is a student who decides how fun and useful the game really is.

At the end of this activity, your group will create a presentation (written or oral) on your findings which you will be graded on.

Your Goal: To see AS A TEAM how good an internet math game is from different people's views. You will be graded using the following Grading Rubric.

1. Choose within your group who will be the teacher, parent, and student. If you have trouble deciding, your teachers will decide for you!

1. Go to the link of the game your group is reviewing


1. Play your game, and think about it as a person in your role would (as a teacher, parent, or student would).
2. Use the printed out role page to "grade" the game. Remember-you must "grade" the game while still thinking as a person in your role would.

III. AS A TEAM (still playing your roles):
There are two different options for your group to present your findings

The first is an oral presentation, the second is written. Your entire group must decide together and agree upon which option your group will turn in for a grade.

Option 1: Oral Team PresentationYour team has been asked to do a PRESENTATION for the School Site Council (a school group that represents teachers, parents, students and administrators). First, review the final RECOMMENDATION FORM in order to help compile your individual opinions. Use this form along with your individual role sheets to prepare you for your presentation (that you will give for the class). You must turn in the three role sheets when you give your presentation. Your presentation will be evaluated by the School Site Council members (your class) using the following criteria:

* everyone in the group speaks on their view of the game from their roles

* the presentation includes a clear recommendation of approval or
disapproval (or approval with conditions given) for the game

* presentations last between 3-5 minutes (points will be taken off for too short
or long presentations!)

Option 2: Written Recommendation Form

The School Site Council understands your busy schedule, and will accept a letter of recommendation for your game. After you have finished your individual role sheets, complete the final RECOMMENDATION FORM by compliling your individual opinions. Staple all four sheets together (3 role sheets & the Recommendation Form) and submit as a team.

Thanks for playing!!!!